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Online daters respond to authenticity, not fake smiles.In 2010, Ok Cupid broke down how users responded to 7,000 photos on the dating site.You didn’t put any effort into creating a dating profile, so why should someone put effort into messaging you?However, respondents favorably viewed profiles that showcased personality at the top of the page. Many singles sign up to a dating site because they’re looking for personal connections, so making yourself sound like a living, breathing, human person with interesting things to say is going to attract attention online. The open-ended About Me section of a dating profile can leave some singles stumped because they don’t know which personality traits to highlight and which to downplay.Judith Orloff, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, said it best when she wrote about the laws of attraction for Psychology Today. Elite Singles found that negativity was among the biggest turnoffs for online daters — 22% of surveyed singles ranked negativity as the worst trait to see on a dating profile.

“If a girl is making too many negative judgmental statements, I’m not going to be interested in her,” said Jack, a 26-year-old online dater, in an interview, “no matter what she looks like, especially if she uses the word hate.” As we said before, your profile’s photos are extremely important and can make or break your online dating experience. A profile with only one photo might have people wondering “What’s this person hiding?

Single men place particular importance on the photos of a dating profile.

When Tobii Technology researchers tracked the eye movements of online daters, they found that some men spend as much as 65% more time reviewing photos than women do. A blurry picture could sketch out potential dates, and a group shot could make people wonder which person you are.

You don’t want to sound pompous, but you do want to brag on yourself a little.

So what descriptors strike a good balance between sincerity and self-confidence?

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