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In 2000, the sisters bought computers and Pro Tools so they could record and produce on their own.

But that didn’t discourage male collaborators from trying to exert influence or even, in the case of one producer who took a meeting for , offering to show them how to use a volume knob on a headphone.

The solution: , a synth-pop nugget released in early 2013 that stabbed a stake through their indie cred and vaulted them into the mainstream.

The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, a personal best.

In that time they’ve put out eight studio albums—including their latest, , released in June—and moved from acoustic punk to indie rock to shiny pop. By living in separate cities—Montreal and New York for Sara and Vancouver for Tegan, though they’re now both based on the west coast—and allowing each other time to work on solo projects, they’ve learned that letting go can be just as powerful as holding on.

In short, they’ve taken enough leaps, and have regained their equilibrium enough times, to handle the impact. After , the duo’s sixth offering, Sara realized she needed something to change.

But 36-year-old Tegan and Sara are, unsurprisingly, more complex than those three points allow.

After all, they’ve been performing and creating together professionally for almost two decades.

Katy Perry doesn’t say ‘Welcome the queer band Tegan and Sara!

The tale of the feline’s daredevil dive is met with dismay, but Sara is quick to reassure the worriers: “As long as cats right themselves when they’re falling, their legs take the impact upon landing.”It’s as good a metaphor, and jumping-off point (thank you, Mickey), as any.

Casual listeners and dismissive music writers have tended to focus on the “novel” elements of the Quins’ biography—Canadian, identical twins, both queer—and left it at that.

If I were writing acoustic guitar songs and making indie rock records, I would be faking it.”Her sister cautions against greasing the squeakiest wheels, that fervent and vocal online contingent fond of telling the duo they’ve sold out.

“A lot of people have stuck with us and we’re committed to keeping up a dialogue with our fans,” Tegan says.

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