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Torrey Samuels, was the first little person contestant on a a reality dating show for the company and he made his mark.After being eliminated, he appeared on “I Love Money” and was the first contestant eliminated after insulting all the women and refusing to participate in the first challenge on the first episode.Punk David Otunga was a Harvard law graduate from Chicago, IL and surprised his family with his desire to appear on the show.Even though he was named “Punk” he proved that his name didn’t define him by once almost yoking up Real and Chance when they made an appearance to interrogate the men.Three days after picking Kerry Schwartz on his own show, he called her broke up with her citing that he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend.In 2010 his father, who was a viewer favorite, passed after battling pancreatic cancer.I hope you enjoy and please, be prepared to click: Mr.

After ILNY he came in second on “I Love Money,” losing out to Hoopz.

After ILNY he dated New York’s spitting adversary Pumkin, and then appeared on “I Love Money.” After being eliminated on the fourth episode, he vowed off doing anymore VH1 reality television shows and went into stand-up.

Whiteboy Joshua Gallander had an instant connection with New York, was favored by her mother, and became friends with fellow contestants Real and Chance.

He was game for being with New York, until the show aired and he witnessed her making disparaging remarks against his mother.

During the reunion he left her on the stage and gave her the deuces and few middle fingers.

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