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These were two grown women about to do what they do because that’s what they like to do.Two, if, in fact, this is Marsha’s own coming out or even just a nod to lesbian women, I can value the presentation without all the hype over a “gay scene” so to speak or all of the theatrics over her announcing her sexual preference.As we watch her set out her bra and mini-skit and hop in a car scantily clad, we assume she’s headed over to give a man some good loving.But then the biggest shock of all, besides Marsha having a song with such a raw title, is that a woman in lingerie answers the door and leads Marsha into the house, so they can finally eff and get it over with. One, we’re not used to seeing two women in a sexual way in a video without it being overly salacious. This page is updated often with new details about Mary Wilson.

In an exclusive interview with EBONY.com, just weeks after her electric performance at the first annual L. Soul Music Festival, Marsha is opening up about her love life and, for the first time ever, revealing the real reason Floetry ended.A floor length red dress, which clings just enough to accentuate her growing bump, completes her look.She is gazing out on to the balcony where Dez, 31, and her mom Geraldine chat while looking out at the ocean. I feel absolutely corny as hell because this is too happy. ” The woman who once sang catches herself being starry-eyed. It’s disgusting.” Marsha’s romance took her by surprise.The group recorded two studio albums, one live album, and sold over 1,500,000 records worldwide.Formed in 1997, Floetry started on the performance poetry stage.

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