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They were just like us (literally just as boring or unable to communicate effectively), with nicer backyards.

But when they graduated from the shores of , the cast evolved from ordinary-ish and relatable to relatively fancy, giving us a shiny, new access pass to acceptable voyeurism—which continued evolving into the form of countless reality shows. Similar to taking house tours or roaming museums, this then-new form of reality television offered a free form of escapism on top of insight into how the other half lives…

(Not that any of us would know about that until well after wrapped up.) We loved to see it. Because despite the stars thriving within a socioeconomic league of their own, they still dressed in mall brands like Hollister or Billabong, went on dates to Dave & Busters and spent an incredible amount of time driving around and using flip-phones.

Her commentary was always sharp, and she was never afraid to share her thoughts.(and all of its subsidiaries) can deliver near-flawless programming for nearly a decade, a rebooted series about the L. antics of Whitney Port, Adriana Patridge, Stephanie Pratt and Heidi Montag—plus the eyebrow-raising addition of Mischa Barton—will surely offer plenty of drama for us to live vicariously through.And hopefully the answers to all the questions we have now, like, does Justin Bobby still wear combat boots to the beach?"I lied and said my parents wouldn’t let me go, but really I just didn’t want to," she exclaims."I wanted to go to my friend’s party instead." It was easy to sell the story to her friends and the network because, as she admits, she was known for getting into trouble with her family. So I never had the desire to have a storyline or have more airtime."Bosworth checks off all the boxes when she's asked if she looks back on "In ten more years, I will be thrilled to have it," she admits.

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