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Fall Out Boy is; Patrick Stump- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Main Composer Peter Wentz- Bass Guitar, Back-up Vocals, Main Lyricist Joseph Trohman- Lead Guitar, Back-up Vocals Andrew Hurley- Drums Person 1- Did you see her at the concert last night? Person 2- Yeah, cuz that songs about their Diehard fans right? Oh and did you see her reaction when Joe hugged her at the signing? We do have a ragtag bunch of friends and someone was able to get it right to her and explain the vibe.” This still makes Stump crack up. “I can’t even imagine what she was saying when she heard it.” 3.

Petersburg – in an SUV caravan during a marathon tour of radio station festivals.You’re going from life raft to life raft instead of building a bridge, or even a fucking airplane.”4.They don’t care that people still refer to them as an emo band.When we took a break, it finally gave us time to reflect and grow up.We learned how to communicate with each other in different ways.” 6. “It’s done such wonderful things for the band,” says Trohman. It really made him go from someone that looked into himself all the time to someone that looked outside of himself all the time.

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