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National Festival of Trees (or Nationale Boomfeestdag) is annually celebrated in the Netherlands on the third Wednesday in March.

This festival is mostly organized for children to encourage them to plant at least one tree.

Very soon the need was felt for a further division, as British colonists began to arrive in great numbers, once New Zealand was made a British colony.

On 22 Jan., 1840, the first body of immigrants arrived and founded the town of Wellington.

In 1836 New Zealand and the islands of the Western Pacific were entrusted by Gregory XVI to the then newly-founded Society of Mary, as a field for their missionary labours.

He spent some time in the islands of the Pacific, notably Wallis, Futuna, and New Caledonia. In 1850 he left Auckland to take up his residence in Wellington.It was instituted over a decade ago by AIDS.gov, a web portal for all federal domestic HIV and AIDS resources and information. Located in New Zealand, originally formed part of the Vicariate of Western Oceania erected by the Holy See in 1835.In 1887 a further division of the territory of the Diocese of Wellington was considered advisable.The Provinces of Canterbury, Westland, and the southern portion of Nelson were detached to form the new See of Christchurch, and Dr. Grimes, of the Society of Mary, became its first bishop. Philip Joseph Viard, the first Bishop of Wellington, was born at Lyons, France, in 1809.

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International Astrology Day is annually observed on spring equinox.

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