We want fun adult dating and swinging

We are an open-minded dating site for swingers and singles.

It really is a great place to go for the best dating, love and sex advice around. Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers before, you have noticed that I’m fond of posting Dan and Jennifer’s advice videos here at the blog.

By that I mean we try and distance ourselves from couples and let them make plans with us, or we will occasionally shoot them a message if we have a free weekend.

We know people who even won’t play with the same couple twice or at least limits it to one meeting per month.

Dan and Jennifer have a positive attitude when it comes to sexuality, and that’s what I support here at Swing!

Now they’ve launched another way to support a healthy attitude and discussion about sex, and that’s with the project - Sex Honesty.

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Through each experience, you are building a stronger relationship with your spouse.

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