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Low and behold, both Ikkis selected blonde skater, Trevor, and left the final decision up to him.Shockingly and disgustingly, Vikki and Trevor continued to date out of the public eye because, like most MTV couples, no one cared.But now our fears have been alleviated just a little.GNS Science says the likelihood of a major quake on the Wellington fault line in the next century is fifty percent less than thought.Now, Jillian has been in the picture for a while now. Wellington earthquake risk has been over-estimated for years...

She was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with three siblings and two step-siblings. She introduced her mom in a You Tube Mom Tag video in 2014.

She was a cheerleader in high school and she began her college studies at Penn State. Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles" on December 15, 2010.

She published a video called "500K Subscriber Giveaway!

The bang just may not be as big as expected - but how big is big?

You Tube superstar best known for her channel Rclbeauty101, where she posts video blogs, comedy skits, and beauty/lifestyle videos to her more than 14 million subscribers.

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He says this could alter the basis on which Wellingtonians make business and investment decisions.

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