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To avoid this problem, you must validate form submissions using your server.

You cannot rely on Java Script to avoid this security problem. You can also download this demo and check out the source as we go through this tutorial.

However, to see whether a credit card has sufficient funds requires communicating with the credit card company and that can only be done using a server side programming language.

Similarly, form data is typically saved in a database on the server.

If for example the form had 4 fields that should all contain an e-mail address you would add an emailvalidation to each.

By validating form responses before accepting them, we can alert users to their errors before they submit the form.

Finally, notice that instead of using "text" as the input type for the email and url fields, we use "email" and "url".If it exists, we'll apply the valid class and remove any invalid class.This will place a green border around the input box.All credit cards are 16 digits and the 16th digit can be calculated based on the first 15 numbers.This means you can use Java Script to check for, and alert the user to, credit card typos.

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In this way, client side form validation can vastly improve the user experience.

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