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A virtual keyboard pops up when needed for input, and the Wii Remote acts like a mouse, making it possible to click anywhere on the screen and navigate though web links.

The Wii is not designed to support homebrew applications.There is also a hack that prevents the Wii from checking to see whether a game disk includes a system update.However, Gecko does fail with some games, including Prince of Persia: Like many other video game consoles , the Wii console is able to connect to the Internet , although this is not required for the Wii system itself to function.Your message sending history will now be displayed in Today's Accomplishments.If you have lost homebrew but can still use your Wii, be happy about that, because sometimes the updates made Wiis unusable. This is why some updates do not result in a change of the version number: Updated March 06, The Homebrew Channel is a channel for launching fan-developed homebrew applications on the Wii.

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