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1 Usually a server is started up internally whenever you start up a public singleplayer game or go to the "Host Game" window in Multiplayer. However, if you want to run a dedicated server, things are a little more complicated.

This works exactly the same way as updating the server. Please note that downgrading from beta to default most certainly WILL corrupt your galaxy files.

You may want to check the log file for errors concerning the server.

This option will make the server print a lot more output, but it may also hurt performance a lot.

The server supports several settings for multithreading: Worker threads are the threads that update the simulation and do the main work. Generator threads generate new or load old sectors as the players progress and explore the galaxy.


To enable Web Admin, admins need to locate the [UWeb.Web Server] section of the and set b Enable to true.Linode's Dedicated CPU instances are ideal for CPU-intensive workloads like those discussed in this guide.You can look up your hardware concurrency in your task manager on windows, with htop on linux.It's recommended to have as many worker threads as your hardware concurrency.

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The first time you run it it will update and you will be left at a STEAM This is known to cause problems when updating your server to a newer version.

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