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This all came to me when my friends and I had the opportunity to work DIY Decor Store.They have some amazing products like stick tiles, drop ceiling tiles, and so much more.Once all the hardware is on, you’ll forget about how much you hated every minute of painting you did and just admire how much better your interior can look with a little paint and a little effort! Okay, this may sound totally crazy, but sometimes the best DIY projects come from the craziest of ideas!I’ll share the FULL hallway reveal later this week, but in the meantime, let’s look at the details on how to update the interior doors.Remove the doors and all of the hardware from the doors.

Because the doors were stained, I needed to use an oil based paint in order for the paint to adhere well.I also used thinner to clean up the machine once I was finished.I set up my doors on a drop cloth and leaned them up against a patio chair covered well by a drop cloth, then I sprayed each side evenly.We had a whole house (inside and out) to paint, trim that we knew we’d want want, bathrooms we’d need to bring into this century, and more.We’ve been working REALLY hard at tackling some of the projects (like THIS shed makeover, THIS bathroom makeover, and THIS exterior paint job). Today I want to show you one of the EASIEST and most overlooked ways to brighten up and modernize your home!

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