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We celebrate powerful writing, and aim to bring more of such writing into the world.

This mission embraces everything we do, from freshman composition instruction to the most advanced research.

Each student was assigned one of seven well-known psychologists, and after thorough research, they attended class as his or her psychologist in character.

A new study by faculty at Florida Atlantic University and Eastern Michigan University explores the cultural factors that may explain why this gender gap exists and varies widely in countries around the world. Schmidt College of Science is one of the first to examine the information technology switching prowess phenomenon in the "Net Generation," revealing some surprising results.“At the end, we had a writing assignment to see who was the most influential psychologist of all time.” Meredith Pearson, a second-year student in the clinical psychology doctoral program, played Lightner Witmer, the founder of clinical psychology. Senior psychology and pre-med major Darian Dozier had her doubts about the History of Psychology.“We study these time periods, and we get these long lists of names with all their accomplishments,” Pearson said. “It sounds like an absolute snooze fest, but Professor Davis finds these really creative ways to teach us the information without us reading it and her standing there lecturing,” Dozier said.These foundational skills are valued by employers of all kinds and vital to a 21We offer a number of options for advanced degrees, and provide a foundation for shaping your research and creative activity.Our faculty provides thoughtful guidance throughout your graduate career, encouraging you to pursue your passions with the support and attention your interests deserve.

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