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Your baby's first year will be a flurry of changes -- and not just diapers.From the first smiles, gurgles, and coos to learning to say "mama" or "dada," babies love to communicate with their own form of baby talk. All through this first year, you can do a lot to encourage your baby's communication skills. All you need do is smile, talk, sing, and read to your baby. Because early speech and language skills are associated with success in developing reading, writing, and interpersonal skills, both later in childhood and later in life.Good examples are digital radios based on DMR standard.The capabilities of digital technologies brought two-way radios on completely new level of professional communication with the whole family of software applications.

Chat app in turn is a web app, this is where web framework comes into picture and hence, let’s work with Flask here.Push PTT button and start immediate video and voice transmission to group or specific user. Radio Gateway ST-Ro IP3-Walkie Fleet produced by Solidtronic (Innotek Company Limited) allows voice interconnection of professional two-way radios with Walkie Fleet clients.ST-Ro IP3 Radio Gateway connects to professional two-way radio through the variety of cables and hosts Walkie Fleet Android client to talk to Walkie Fleet voice groups. Walkie Fleet implements specific support for the devices listed below to deliver professional walkie talkie communication.As you introduce your baby to simple, short words like "cup" and "ball," hold up the object to show that it's related to your speech. Point to the pictures, and name simple objects to reinforce his early speech development and model the importance of language and reading. This will allow your baby to respond with his or her own baby talk and encourage the give-and-take interaction that's needed for adult conversation.Smile, face your baby, and continue to repeat simple words clearly throughout the day.

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Have your baby's speech evaluated at each well-baby checkup, and talk with your baby's doctor if you're concerned about delayed speech or a hearing problem.

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