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The selections at the end have been somewhat increased. So yuto is often read yu-oke and motokin, gwan-kin (c). In many compounds the words retain their proper meaning and in translation must be separated by " and " : sai-shi (c) wife and child (ren), family.

The aim of the book is pedagogical rather than scientific ; hence the combination of system and no-system and the num- erous repetitions. CHRISTOPHER Noss LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA November, 1906. Contents INTRODUCTION The Japanese language ix Sinico- Japanese ix Words derived from western languages xin The standard colloquial xin Practical hints xv Helps for further study xvi ORTHOGRAPHY AND PRONUNCIATION The ideographic script xix Kana xix Romaji xxui Vowels xxiv Consonants xxvn Accent xxxr THE NOUN Number and gender ... o-fuku (c) or iki-kaefi going and returning, jo-ge (c) above and below (also ue-shita), up and down. In some cases there have been changes in the sound : akyudo, akindo merchant, from aki (nai) trade and kito.

The attempt to discover an affinity with the Aryan languages a has, it must be said, not been successful ; for the words that are identical or even similar are too few to justify the inference of a common origin.

For the student must pass through three stages to become master of an idiom- First, he needs to be thoroughly convinced that there is such an idiom ; secondly, he must learn how to use it, and, thirdly, after he has entirely forgotten its existence he needs to be reminded that he cannot get along very well without it. Forms derived from verbs 127 Substantivized adjectives 131 Comparison 135.

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Lange, and of myself, to set forth the language as it is actually spoken by the Japan- PREFACE V ese themselves, not as we would speak it. Tsuji Takahira, who assisted him with his two editions respectively. Forms with ni 319 Forms with to 3 2 5 Duplicatives 330 Substantives as adverbs 337 Subordi natives as adverbs 344 Ordinary adverbs 349 THE POSTPOSITION Postpositions proper, LXXVIIL LXXIX 362 Substantives as postpositions 383 Subordinatives as postpositions 390 THE CONJUNCTION Conjunctions proper 395 Substantives as conjunctions '.

The sentences have all been taken from the mouths of Japanese and repeatedly reviewed and criticized by competent Japanese. In the preparation of the former English edition, at every step I leaned heavily on my colleagues and friends Messrs. The proofs of the present edition have been read by Mr. 406 THE INTERJECTION APPELLATIONS 414 SYNTAX .= 4 2 4 STORIES 4 2 7 ANECDOTES ... tsuke-ru apply, mei-butsu noted product a yuku, iku go.

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