Top 3 dating tips shy guys

While these are in no way a comprehensive list of pointers for shy guys to boost their confidence in going about courting a lady, they certainly will give them a step up from being stuck in their shy cocoons.

I really love our deep conversations and hope that we can meet again soon.

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And, instead of being focused on what to ask next, you’ll get your cue from the reply she gives to your question. Look for places where you feel you can be your best self, and not find yourself out of your depth.

Usually, an informal, and an open-ended event means that there is no pressure on how you have to end a date.

So, by asking open-ended questions like, , will keep the conversation flowing, instead of an awkward pause after a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ type of questions. Comfort zone: Since it’s a given that these are just pointers and not a cure-all, it’s safe to stay within your comfort zone, at least until you gain more confidence.

And when it comes to replying to her questions, avoid bragging about yourself.

While modesty from a guy is a huge turn-on for women, bragging and boasting about your ‘achievements’ isn’t.

It’s up to the two of you; if you ‘click,’ then you can make further plans, and if not, then you can say goodbye and be on your separate ways. Be prepared: Plan what you have in mind for the actual date in advance. It never hurts to be prepared in case of an unforeseen circumstance. This is not a scripted play where you’re expected to deliver inane lines on cue; this is real life.

Even though the uncertainty of a future situation might give you ulcers, it is best to just go with the flow.

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