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I simply do not think it’s fair for people to continue to use “it’s structurally motivated” as an excuse for their anti-law enforcement behaviors.Truthfully, when it comes to these issues I feel visceral pain and sadness more than hatred or fury. Pick out the flaws in that logic and propose amendments, but understand the reasoning and justification behind the current system.Structural or individual, the anti-law enforcement sentiment continues to intensify in this country.But if everyone—on both sides, because there are intolerant people everywhere and we could Because this student is still several months away from graduation, she’s requested that we publish her submissions anonymously.And even if you make the argument that if police are killing innocent civilians (which I disagree with) and that turnaround is fair play, how are we supposed to take you seriously then?You lose all credibility when you start playing revenge games and fighting fire with fire instead of being calm, articulate, and focused on problem-solving.The first time that a cop got killed in the name of Black Lives Matter, it became individual.

Nonetheless, I stand by what I said, and continue to call BS on the “it’s not individual, it’s structural” argument.Proponents may be calling for structural change, but the structural change they are calling for still involves targeting individuals.There is a difference between productive, constructive protesting and counterproductive, destructive protesting.It’s easier to literally shoot the messenger than to thoughtfully and non-violently construct a campaign for change at a broader level—a campaign where emotions take a backseat and supplement rather than dominate or replace the argument.sympathetic and respect that BLM was their movement, not ours.

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