Teen dating violence causes

That is, young people who are labeled as or considered to be violent and aggressive at any point in time are then assumed to be dangerous for the rest of their lives.This is a contentious issue because there is a desire to protect both parties involved (or that have the potential to become involved) in teen dating violence.

Dating violence can present itself in the following ways: —undesired harassing or threatening behavior committed by one individual toward another.

Examples of stalking include repeated, uninvited visits to someone’s home, unwanted surveillance, consistent electronic communication, etc.

The effects of teen dating violence can be detrimental to a person’s physical and emotional well-being and ultimately lead to antisocial behaviors and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Teen dating violence, sometimes referred to as intimate partner violence, is any physical, psychological, or emotional abuse that occurs within dating relationships of young people ages 12 to 18.

This violence usually takes place face-to-face or electronically, such as via phone calls, text messages, or the Internet.

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If you or someone you know is suffering from dating abuse, here are some tips: The website also offers several quizzes to test your knowledge of healthy relationships and dating abuse:

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