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But today, if you don’t answer your phone, there’s only a small list of reasons why you didn’t answer, like being in class, working, hanging out with friends, or driving, to name a few.But we usually assume the worst: that our partner doesn’t want to talk to us anymore. Usually two people who have been in a serious relationship for a long time don’t seem to mind as much if there isn’t an immediate response.But if you’re just “talking” to somebody, or even just beginning a relationship, you probably would feel a little anxious if the other person did not respond within an hour or so.This is why it’s so hard to begin- and maintain- a relationship with the technology we have.Each time we pick up our phone we do so for roughly 30 seconds to two minutes.

Recently Pokémon Go was launched, which is perhaps the first digital version of the old-fashioned board game as it is being experienced as a shared activity for families searching for virtual characters whilst exploring the real world.

We know that keeping secrets and manipulating our partners will most likely not end well.

We know that we need to be open, honest, and loyal to our partners to keep each other happy.

Partners complain that although their ‘other half’ is physically present they are not really there, as they are mentally consumed by the distraction of social media, rolling news or even obsessive games.

The first thing to address when technology is impacting negatively into your relationship, is why is this happening?

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Although technology has made the world a smaller place, it can also drive couples and families further apart.

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