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If you have an appreciation for beautiful architecture, you will be amazed by the stunning cathedrals, monuments, and many other iconic structures that are in Guadalajara.All in all, its excellent characteristics make it a uniquely romantic getaway with your sugar baby.People from all over the world visit this place for its extraordinary charm and the haunting experience.There are tours given in both Spanish and English so that you can thoroughly enjoy the history and folklore of your sugar baby.Founded by Totonac aboriginals, Tlaquepaque is a neat shopping area for handmade crafts such as pottery, jewelry, and much more.If you have never seen it before, you can also witness glass blowers in action.From polar bears to tigers to elephants, this incredible zoo is also home to exotic birds and reptiles.This is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new and experience majestic beasts in real life.

Besides its incredible architecture, Guadalajara's outdoor plazas like Plaza de Los Mariachis are a sight to see as well.Sugar baby Guadalajara is drop dead gorgeous and extremely attentive to their date.When they are with someone, they make sure nothing else distracts them.Mariachi bands entertain you while you are surrounded by the beauty of historic mansions and relaxing with a glass of tequila along with a torta or birria.The local zoo is the largest one in the country and one of the most important in all of Latin America considering the rare species it houses.

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