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I was determined to figure this out, once and for all. And funnily enough, that’s when I had my big epiphany!After taking in all this information, devising a new strategy for texting, I went out and applied it for a month. In just the last three years, the social landscape has completely changed, and there’s one reason why: A few years ago, the average girl had maybe 2-3 guys who were texting her at any given time. She has her co-workers shooting her messages after work.I went online, watched every You Tube video I could find on texting, and devoured them all.I even spent hundreds of dollars buying pickup programs, specifically on texting.When you meet a girl, either at a bar, during daygame or through Tinder, the first thing she’s going to do is find you on Instagram. You have to remember that men are significantly stronger than women.And she’s going to review your profile to get an idea of who you are, and whether or not you’re cool, exciting and sexy. If she ends up one-on-one with the wrong guy, he could easily become a stalker or commit an evil violent act. It’s always the creepiest, most desperate looking guys you’ve ever seen.

I thought texting would always just be a numbers game, and there was nothing I could do about it. After days of back and forth text messages, she GHOSTED him.After obsessing over trying to find a dating method that would work for ANY guy……Regardless of looks, age, career or any other external factor… I would get one-night stands with gorgeous girls with ease.The times and the technology has changed, and it’s time you make some changes too. And DM’s (as well as i Message) allow us to do things we can’t do with SMS text messages. By sending short and simple video messages (and especially when you use my format which is specifically engineered to drive her crazy and make her obsess over you) you’ll be the only guy sliding into the DM’s who’s name she actually remembers. “Hey, so I see you went to california last year on a trip. Listen, in today’s world, even a regular girl who works at Walmart is being hit on my 20-30 guys per day… Sending the same messages as everyone is a surefire way to never get laid.And this is great news, because the few guys who truly understand how text game works will have an unbeatable advantage. You’ll stand out from the pack & authentically show yourself as the Alpha-male she wants to get her hands on. So if you’re happy to keep jerking off when you come home alone on Saturday nights, please keep sending these messages.

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And those weren’t girls who just wanted to get in the club. It was amazing, and on this page, I’m going to show you EXACTLY what I learned, and how YOU can use it in your own life to get similar results.

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