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At this point we which effort may or may not be necessary, according to circumstances.Where one sex is in the minority, as men are in England and women are in Australia, members of that sex require, as a rule, little effort in order to marry if they wish.That is why I have called this book The Conquest of Happiness.For in a world happiness by which each individual is assailed.One respect in which it is necessary to preserve the golden mean is as regards the balance between effort and resignation. The doctrine of resignation has been preached by saints and mystics; the doctrine of effort has been preached by efficiency experts and muscular Christians.

To them perhaps what we have been saying may appear questionable, and if so. Resignation, however, has also its part to play in the conquest of happiness, and it is a part no less essential than that played by effort.For members of the sex which is in the majority, however, .The amount of effort and thought expended in this direction by women where they are in the majority is obvious to anyone who will study the advertisements in women's magazines.He may camouflage his despair by religious phrases, or by the doctrine that contemplation is the true end of man, but whatever disguise he may adopt to conceal his inward defeat, he will remain essentially useless and fundamentally unhappy.The man whose resignation is based on unconquerable hope acts in quite a different way.

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