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“Secondly, when the existence of the daughter was referred to initially by the police, that provoked no reaction from the respondent.“Thirdly, when he was asked specifically about what he was ‘in to’, and then what his fantasies might be, he made no mention of the daughter or children in general.The Appeal Court of the High Court of Justiciary ruled that the sheriff was entitled to conclude that the accused had “no predisposition” to commit such an offence and that an undercover officer who was investigating the website “” had tried to “lure” him into activity which he would not otherwise have undertaken.The Lord Justice General, Lord Carloway, sitting with Lord Brodie and Lord Turnbull, heard that the respondent “IP” was charged at Falkirk Sheriff Court with a contravention of section 30 of the by engaging in online conversations with “other persons”, arranging to meet these persons “for the purpose of gaining access to a 14-year-old girl” and attempting to meet the other persons “for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity with a child”.Unfair trick Refusing the appeal, the judges observed that in 2010 JC 255 it was said that the question was whether or not an “unfair trick” was played upon the particular accused whereby he was “deceived, pressured, encouraged or induced into committing an offence which he would never otherwise have committed”; and that the resolution of the matter will depend on the facts of the case.Delivering the opinion of the court, the Lord Justice General said: “In this case, the significant facts were, first, that there was no evidence that the respondent had ever expressed any interest in sexual activity with children in the original chat logs examined by the police.

Lisa proposed meeting the respondent with her daughter and husband at her house and during a further call to make arrangements for the meeting the respondent made reference to engaging in sexual activity with the they discuss the making of the second edition, published in 2018, and talk about the detailed portraits of several of those featured in the book.Nearly 200 women have been added to the dictionary, including Maud Sulter, visual artist and prolific prose writer, and Tessa Ransford, founder of the Scottish Poetry Library.Lend your skills to GWL, or learn new skills working alongside the GWL Team You can find out what's coming up in our events calendar, or explore our projects to find out more about all our work.Our major renovation project has now been completed, with a beautiful events venue, a custom-built archive storage space, and a gorgeous lift providing access to our top floor.

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