Sims 3 booty not updating

A guitar plays itself while embedded in the ground.

The game will do this by default, so that means you will need to re-enable mods once you load the game.

Someone who has apparently been buried alive It was Pork Lift, who was also behind the ghost guitar.

It's 1 in the morning and Meme's shaking her booty to loud pop music.

You can install for example Twallans Master Controller and Master Controller Integration, this Slider Hack, Awesomemod, or any other mod that increases or removes the limit.

But all these mods only work for specific game versions (this means if you update the game you will need to update them too, or you will get startup crashes or other issues) and they may conflict with other core mods (Twallans mods don't conflict, because they are no core mod).

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