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Further support For full details regarding this release please refer to the Latest Release Information via the Documentation link on your Home page within SIMS and for FMS via Help | FMS Documentation | What’s New in this release, once you have upgraded.Alternatively, you can access the via 28th September, Facebook released a communication outlining that they had discovered a security issue whereby attackers had exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s code that impacted “View As”, a feature that lets people see what their own profile looks like to someone else.The following ESS products provide the option for customers to use their Facebook accounts to sign in (authenticate): Although this does not directly affect your SIMS service(s), there is a remote possibility that if your Facebook account has been breached it could be used to log into the above services.We would like to make you aware of the issue and encourage you to familiarise yourself with the details of this data breach and any advice that Facebook publish, especially if you use Facebook to sign in to any of the above products.The report will need to be downloaded using the EXE file The documents have been designed for both experienced and new users.They include a comprehensive checklist with the relevant links to detailed instructions on the processes.

Fileset 1203 has been released for the Summer 2019 Census return and is provided within the files section at the end of this posting.

I’m joining forces with Terra Spore to try to stomp out Secu ROM for making its way into Spore (and probably The Sims 3 as well) and would like to hear your voice. Let’s consider the potential scenarios here: This is sheer stupidity and it’s time we speak out.

We’ve setup a special email for Maxis which forwards our against to many of their staff members and would like to hear your opinions on this subject. I want everyone to be heard here and let’s get an emails going here to say something about this.

To ensure your system has the latest reports available it is essential to import the reports following the steps below.

This process should only take a few minutes to complete and would most commonly be carried out by the person who upgrades SIMS.

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