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Another reason a longer relationship may be wise is that it can provide greater clarity to the couple.

Romantic relationships typically progress in three stages: (1) at the beginning of the relationship the couple experiences euphoric “honeymoon” feelings as they feel very in love and excited to be together; (2) the two significant others gain a deeper knowledge of each other, including each other’s flaws and weaknesses; (3) each significant other decides if he or she wants to commit to marrying the other in the full light of the good and bad characteristics of each. It includes the strong romantic attraction that binds two people together, but it also develops a healthy knowing between the two that becomes a sound foundation for marriage.

The first reason is that having a longer relationship can provide greater perspective with which to choose whether to marry.

The human sex drive can be strong enough when considering a complete stranger.

I have a couple friends who began a romantic relationship and proceeded to marry within a year’s time. I have another couple friends who began their relationship in high school and waited until after they graduated from college to marry.

Others say you shouldn’t rush but should take all time the you need to know you’re ready for marriage.

I once talked with a friend of mine about how he and his wife felt a strong desire to get married as they pursued their relationship.

In light of their strong feelings, they decided to pull the trigger on marrying.

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Writer Ashlie Stevens describes in a blog post how she saw this phenomenon produce unhealthy marriages.

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