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Even where unwanted sexual misconduct occurs, it is typically a telltale sign of biased attitudes or broader patterns of inequality such as gender stereotyping and sex segregation, as explained below.Principle #2: Harassment includes many forms of nonsexual sexism and abuse, not just sexual misconduct.Leaders often fail to respond or look the other way, completing the cycle.Sex segregation not only affects mostly-male institutions: Women who inhabit traditionally female positions and spaces are often at increased risk of harassment and exploitation, too, especially where their roles require displaying heterosexual sex appeal or performing other stereotypically female roles.Principle #4: Same-sex harassment and LGBTQ harassment are prevalent and prohibited forms of sex discrimination, too. Men, too, frequently experience sex-based harassment—mostly at the hands of other men.At times, powerful men prey on other men for sexual favors, just as men do upon women.Without the power and safety that comes with equal representation and numbers, women cannot effectively counter stereotypes or deter or resist harassment.Combatting sexual harassment means eliminating sex segregation and ensuring that women and men work, learn, and socialize alongside each other as equals.

In the usual case, harassment provides a way for some men to monopolize prized roles in society, and to maintain a superior masculine position and sense of self.

Contrary to popular perceptions, harassment is not always sexual in nature; it assumes a variety of nonsexual forms.

Nor is it usually perpetrated by bosses or power brokers, nor is it always a male-to-female phenomenon.

Harassment against LGBTQ people is widespread, with transgender individuals experiencing the highest rates of all.

By attacking LGBTQ people and heterosexual individuals who fail to conform to prescribed gender norms, harassers reinforce their status and shore up their own sense of self.

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