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Flamingos are a Florida cultural icon, and sightings in the state have been on the rise in recent decades.

However, whether they're truly native to the US or only arrive via escape from captivity has long been subject to debate, making developing a plan for managing Florida's flamingo population challenging.

The authors meticulously researched historic records and compiled more recent sightings to reconstruct the history and population trends of flamingos in Florida," adds the American Museum of Natural History's Felicity Arengo, a flamingo conservation expert who was not involved in the study."Flamingo numbers have increased notably since the 1950s due to protections to species and habitats in Florida and throughout the Caribbean.The authors are cautious and recognize the limitations of the data in their study, but they provide ample evidence that Florida was the northernmost extent of the American Flamingo prior to the early 1900s and that populations have been recovering." The harmful algae bloom affecting some South Florida beaches has driven away half of people considering visiting the Sunshine State and could deter nearly three-fourths of those thinking of traveling ...It’s a South Florida detective story - the case of the NOT missing flamingos. In 2015, three flamingos showed up at the Navy airfield on Boca Chica Key, about five miles from Key West.Big birds like herons and egrets sometimes show up on the airfield, and the Navy scares them away.

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