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I apologise if my description comes across as vague, its not intentional.I would definately class myself as intelligent though most of what i have learnt is from life and not education.

Maybe you have always wanted to try something daring in the bedroom (or any other room for that matter), simply select your 'interests' from our extensive list to find guys or girls in Brierley Hill who might oblige.about relationships, I'm not looking for one off fun nights, I find it hard to meet people, hence this site.I don't drive I do ride a motorcyle I love movies of any kind I own my home I earn good money I'm not after an easy ride I like computer games, but not to the extent that they take up all my free time I do smoke regularly I am trying to quit I have very varied interests, and love to try new things I have a 6...(more) ...I dont want to write a list of things I claim to be and would prefer for you to contact me and allow you to decide and form your ...(more) ... It's technical and can be quite dry, but I get to meet loads of interesting people and learn lots of skills so I absolutely love it.of guy, looking for somebody to enjoy the world with. Unsuprisingly, I'm also interested in gadgets, electronics and so on. Anyway, my hobbies are wide and varied, but I love mechanics, driving (if I've kept up...(more) ...

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