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She figured out his walking schedule and planned to walk into him after turning a corner. Mamoru agreed and their relationship grew from there.

This way she could be adorable and startled and he could be convinced to go on a date with her. Rei's fiery spirit was what got them together, even if their meet-cute went horribly wrong.

Rei's just left to pick up the pieces of their doomed relationship.

The pragmatic genius she is, Rei meticulously planned Mamoru meeting her in a cute, charming way. She walked back up to him and invited him to tea, saying he owed her for stepping on her head.

Rei and Mamoru had a lesser known and shorter-lived relationship.

However, the relationship was still an important part of the The Sailor Scout and mysterious hero began dating before everyone in the anime got their memories back.

Sailor covers the latest issue of the glossy, alongside twin hunks Jordan and Zac Stenmark, and revealed during her interview she used to have a crush on Zac Efron. On New Year's Eve, he asked me to dance, and I was like, 'Gaaaah!

Before Usagi and Mamoru, there was another relationship that the tall man partook in.

Mamoru once was paired off with a different Sailor Scout: Sailor Mars (Rei Hino).

The second Mamoru and Usagi remembered their past together, how they fell in love, and who they once were, poor Rei didn't stand a chance.

She was up against everything: fate, destiny, their pasts.

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