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You can add any number of agents to receive incoming calls, however, simultaneous dialing will be done for no more than 9 numbers. You can pay in your local currency if you want to, but the money will be charged in US dollars, using the exchange rate of your bank.If you assign more than 9 agents to receive calls for a website, then each call received will be sent to a random selection of 9 registered numbers and these ones will be dialed. Forwards to a landline and mobile phones are charged separately.At the appointed time, the system will connect the client and the manager automatically.Try it for free 1-2 cents a minute enables your team to talk to visitors during every step of the buying process.Give your clients help and information over the phone so that they are empowered to buy more products.Try it for free First, the client enters their phone number in the Callback window.

A Callback phone conversation is best suited for actively closing deals.If you already use Jivo Chat on your website, just turn on "Callback" in the app.If Jivo Chat is not installed on your website, sign up for free and install the code according to the instructions. However, if you want a little bit of flexibility of when the callback proactive widget is displayed on your site, you can control these settings.Callback is a technology where a person browsing the website makes a contact request by filling the form and leaving his/her telephone number (or Skype name).Operator is notified about the callback request just as he is notified about the incoming chat.

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You can block trolls by phone number and by IP-address.

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