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On each episode, a man or woman go on five different blind dates. The first protagonist is a 27-year-old real estate agent named Luke.At the end, it’s revealed which suitor has won a second date. He’s tall and thinly muscular, with an outfit that’s stylish but not hip, formal but comfortable, well-fitting and ironed to a creaseless perfection."It's been a very interesting evening, but I think I might skadoodle, if that's cool." My. Meanwhile, there was a perfectly hatable villain right in front of you the whole least in episode 2.The beautiful Gurki (36) is on a date with Justin (34), also a real estate bro, where he proceeds to tell her she's wasted her life, insults her Indian culture, puts her down for getting divorced, and told her to choose between him and her cat. I could rant about this for hours but I'll let Twitter do it for me.“But time heals everything though and my mom, dad and step mom have visited us and are all fine with it.” For Taylor it took a while to get used to the stares of strangers most age gap couples are met with.But over time she adapted and now doesn’t care what others think.

“People stare at us, but I think it’s because when we are both dressed up we are a good-looking couple.” Taylor admits that she was surprised they got engaged and then tied the knot last year, in an intimate 25-person ceremony in Cancun, Mexico.

“But, we hit it off, we like the same music and are both old souls.

I fell in love with him for his personality, it made him so attractive to me.

Before I get into the tweets, here's a bit of background.

Sarah (25), who recently moved to New York City, goes on five blind dates. They vibed well together She didn't pick him cos he didn't wanna hear her 9mins mythology joke?????

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