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I was shocked to see that as uncle was out of station and who was the man jessi aunty was just in blouse and petticoat. The man who was standing behind was a 40 yr old married man whose wife was out of station and he used to live on the next flat. He was lifting her petticoat from behind but she resisted and relative is in the next room they will wake up.He said please just one shot then i will go and he slowly lifted her petticoat from behind till her waist . Then he removed his pants and underwear and he wore a condom. I was horny by listening to these words and her moaning.I went near and she was bent holding the kitchen sink holding the sink with one hand and with other hand she was fingering her pussy. I placed my hand in her soft buttocks and she said oh u came back. She stood up and turned towards me and she made her petticoat proper and said what ru doing here. I was about to touch her boobs but she turned around facing the wall and her back was facing me. While licking her back i removed the hook of bra from behind and it became loose. I kneel down and kissed her ass from behind over her petticoat.I removed the blouse from behind and now she was just in petticoat and bra. The bra was about to fall but she hold the bra over her boobs with one hand. I moved my hand in front and removed the string of petticoat.Then we went to her bedroom where i was sleeping and pushed her on the bed. I then inserted my finger in her pussy and started licking her pussy and my tongue rolled inside her pussy. After a while she shouted come on mother fucker its time for u to fuck me hard with your dick. Then i stood up and i was touching my dick to her pussy but i was not inserting it. My dick was going in, after some time my whole 8 inch dick went inside her pussy. While fucking i was biting her lips, licking her face and smooching her.I started fucking her hard moving my dick in and out & increased my speed. I was fucking her mercilessly and i was pressing her boobs mercilessly. After a while she hold me hard and her nails pricked on my back.

Premarital sexual intercourse and extramarital sexual affairs are abundant even in the rural aunty mobile number is a need that has to be fulfilled by someone or some organisation as someone has to bear the responsibility and the task of finding searching and ferreting out such Indian girls and women aunties bhabhi and unsatisfied housewives of class and society , so that the people on both sides can enjoy equally and universally the benefits of amazing and new bed partners for aunty mobile number is used to call the women and girls at specified times and that is in turn used to fix up meetings in house or outside the houses for quickies or wild flings which obviously cannot be done in the bushes, so its evidently of utmost importance to have a well pre-planned place of rendezvous, so that such issues as the place of doing the act may not become a serious issue which spoils the mood of the aunty mobile number and the Mobile telephone whats-app contacts of the female members are always to be kept in secrecy and well guarded to keep their genitalia clean and safe from the attack of rabid Human dogs who live in the gutters.

I was feeling her hot lips on my dick and the feeling was great. She broke up her affair with neighbor uncle who lived on next flat.

After a while my dick again became rock hard with her sucking. After second fucking of asshole she started enjoying it.

I could see her milky white thighs and her round shaped ass and i my dick was getting hard. He started fucking aunty pussy from behind through doggy style and she was moaning in pleasure. But it didn’t last for long as the man cum before aunty reached orgasm. I moved behind the sofa and to hide myself and the man came out of the kitchen and he left the house.

I heard aunty saying u bastard u r good for nothing.

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I had an eye on a kerala aunty named jessi who was 31 very hot with big boobs and nice round shaped ass. She was not fat but she was bulky with weights on right places. This incident took place when my examination was going on.

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