Qafzeh cave dating

The record from this region raises the question of possible long-term temporal overlap between early AMHs and Neanderthals.

The discovery of modern human made tools from about 125,000 years ago at Jebel Faya, United Arab Emirates, in the Arabian Peninsula, may be from an even earlier exit of modern humans from Africa.

Mc Cown as Palaeoanthropus palestinensis, a descendent of Homo heidelbergensis.

The remains exhibit a mix of traits found in archaic and anatomically modern humans.

They were initially regarded as transitional from Neandertals to anatomically modern humans, or as hybrids between Neandertals and modern humans.

Neandertal remains have been found nearby at Kebara Cave that date to 61,000-48,000 years ago, suggesting that the two types of hominids never made contact in the region.

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