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Cybercriminals are constantly updating and releasing new iterations of their code in the hopes that it will outsmart security features.With that in mind, it is important that IT professionals take a proactive approach to security to anticipate tactics that hackers might use, perform effective threat analysis, and implement proper security measures to minimize impact.In order to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals, security must now detect malicious code that is actively disguising itself.This is exactly what Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection provides.Next, Advanced Threat Protection is fed by both global and local threat intelligence in real-time.

Sandboxes are a popular security measure that execute potentially threatening code in an isolated, virtual environment.

Unfortunately, the attack has once again demonstrated that far too many organizations do not have an effective security protocol in place, or do not take it seriously until after disaster strikes.

In this case, the Microsoft vulnerability exploited by Wanna Cry had been patched in March, but many users had not updated their machines.

In many ways, it will begin to behave like a human attacker: performing reconnaissance, identifying targets, choosing methods of attack, and intelligently evading detection.” In other words, hackers are making their ransomware smarter by giving them the ability to detect and evade security measures.

One instance of these more intelligent attacks was recently reported within the Cerber family of ransomware, which researchers found contains anti-sandbox and anti-detection technology to increase its chances of both infection and persistence.

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At the same time, the incident is forwarded to Forti Guard labs for investigation and categorization so unknown threats can be made known to everyone.

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