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As it developed in the 20th century, physics is concerned with the structure and behaviour of individual atoms and their components, while chemistry deals with the properties and reactions of molecules.These latter depend on energy, especially heat, as well as on atoms; hence, there is a strong link between physics and chemistry.The Earth sciences are discussed in a separate article.

Science is often considered one of the most challenging yet promising streams.

Chemists tend to be more interested in the specific properties of different elements and compounds, whereas physicists are concerned with general properties shared by all matter.

(Astronomy is the science of the entire universe beyond Earth; it includes Earth’s gross physical properties, such as its mass and rotation, insofar as they interact with other bodies in the solar system.

Here’s an article that will help you choose a stream after Class 10.

Co-scholastic Work You need to participate in co-scholastic work as described by your board syllabus.

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