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Instead, Unifor launched a media campaign, dripping with anti-Mexican nationalist poison, calling for a consumer boycott of all GM vehicles sold in Canada that were assembled in Mexico.For Unifor, it was the jobs of Mexican workers that had to be cut, continuing with the union’s decades-old whip-saw tactics that has pit workers in one country against those in another and set the stage for a never-ending race to the bottom for ever diminishing jobs and wages.Workers in Oshawa will be entirely familiar with this tactic.During the 2016 Canadian contract negotiations, Unifor picked GM to set the pattern, then accepted the institutionalization of the hated two-tier system, work-rule concessions and a miserable wage and benefits settlement in exchange for “guarantees” that the Oshawa plant would stay open for the life of the collective agreement.The discussions, however, will not alter GM’s plan to shutter its Oshawa, Ontario, assembly plant.As Dias wrote, “While it is clear to the union that GM has no intention of extending vehicle manufacturing beyond December of 2019, we are examining the potential to transform operations so as to maintain a base level of hourly employment.The parties have agreed to continue talks over the next few weeks and Unifor’s priority is to save as many jobs as possible in Oshawa.”On Thursday, GM Canada’s vice president of corporate affairs, David Patterson, explained that the discussions with Unifor are largely related to adjustments recently announced in the closure schedule for Detroit’s Hamtramck assembly plant.Earlier this month, GM said it was “balancing production timing” on the Cadillac CT6 built at the Hamtramck facility and will also temporarily continue production of the Chevrolet Impala.

Over the past several months autoworkers have witnessed the phony fire-and-brimstone pontification of Dias.There will be “some modest Oshawa job and work upside in the second half of this year because Oshawa does some stamping work for the Detroit Hamtramck plant,” said Paterson.It is estimated that several hundred workers in Oshawa could be affected by this extension, leaving over 2,000 workers without a job at the assembly plant and thousands more permanently idled in the Ontario auto parts industry.To be successful in their struggle, autoworkers must organize rank-and-file factory committees, independent of Unifor and the UAW, to take charge of their struggle.These committees should issue an urgent appeal for a joint fightback to GM workers and other autoworkers in Canada, the United States, Mexico and internationally as part of a united fight to defend the jobs and living standards of all workers.

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