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This will be done by employees from the local agencies.I once by chance met a girl that was an employee of such an agency and she told me that nearly no girl writes letters and that there are very few ladies seriously interested in meeting a foreigner amoung those who have their add on the website. In a country where the standart of living is not too high, it is understandable that such a business is florishing.Not to mention they give other extremely useful advice in other area of life, like how to obtain a good habit for example. Some ladies just dry up, after you got their e-mail adress.And this is parallel with my experience with a lady, so I smell a cahoot between the site, and some popular ladies.They prefer to be there with a fake name, than to show pictures of her own...

If you choose a girl on online dating ukraine, open 15 letters, and immediately after, ask her for her phone number and for a meeting in real.

If she refuses or delays her answer it means that you have nothing to expect and you should ask the site for a refund.

Do not enter into a long correspondence without a real contact by phone, skype or meeting.

Sometimes agency employees are tricky enough to write me in russian allthough it is quite rare.

I even received russian letters that were a translation of english letters and full of mistakes...

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Websites who work with a monthly paying fee to read as many letters as you want, exchange contacts etc have 10 times less girls on their database and 10 times less attractive girls. Because girls register themselves on these websites, not through agencies there are not so many ladies that are looking for a husband abroad- and they post normal pictures no professional pictures paid by the agencies...

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