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In terms of further atmosphere builders, the music for Jaws is played before each Sharks power play, while fans join in using their arms to resemble the chomping action of a Sharks jaws.

The team is in a rebuild, but at least Brock Boeser and friends have promise.

Between the Shark head and the antics of their mascot, S.

Canadian cities, across the board, are almost excessively passionate about their hockey teams, and Flames supporters are no different.

Until they find a way to create a bionic Shaun Alexander clone, they may not be contenders too soon, but they certainly wreak havoc on the visiting teams. The fact that the vast majority of attendees at college basketball games are students means that they don’t have jobs or families or other petty bullshit to worry about, so they spend their needs gleaning knowledge about an opposing player’s low GPA or SAT scores.

The argument for the inclusion of Duke on this list could begin and end with the Cameron Crazies pelting twinkies at the Rubenesque big man for Michigan, Robert “Tractor” Traylor, and I wish it would. They then disseminate that information among the entire crowd so that the guy from UNC who got caught cheating on his Spanish 213 paper last week is going to hear about it from every fan at the end of the court every time he steps up to the stripe.

Despite being among the smallest markets in the NFL, KC has amassed the 2nd highest attendance in the entire NFL, a truly impressive feat.

When Winnipeg got its wish, hockey fans throughout the province responded with an outpouring of tremendous support.

Edmonton Oilers Oilers fans were spoiled in the s, but other than a surprise appearance in the final, modern life has been sullen.

Hockey is growing in the Lone Star State and adding another Cup to the mantle would push things further.

On the vast majority of game nights, every seat in the house is full with spirited Flyers fans eager to cheer on their team.

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In the words of Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, “Phillies fans are passionate fans. Though recently the fans seem to be equal opportunity offenders, vomiting on Phillies fans as often as they mock the other team. However, not all the enthusiasm is misguided, as they are known to be among the loudest fans in the nation and chalked up 100 consecutive sellouts at Citizens Bank Park, demonstrating that while Phillies fans might be thuggish from time to time, they are loyal thugs, and that’s probably they best kind a city can have.

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