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“Very important people don’t want to talk to him anymore,” said the friend, who declined to be named. Harrington lost a star and was forced to retire because of flirtatious texts to Morellato, the wife of a 173rd Airborne Brigade soldier.

“That’s got to hurt.” A book launch for Michela Morellato's lightly fictionalized memoir "A Talent for Trouble," included discussion about her relationship with Maj. Morellato has always denied that she felt harassed by Harrington.

Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.(COURTESY OF MICHELA MORELLATO) VICENZA, Italy — An Italian media personality married to a U. paratrooper has gone public in a book about her online relationship with a former U. Army Africa commander, whose career ended after the military deemed multiple chat messages improper. “I made a mistake, it just wasn’t what was in the paper,” he wrote.Michela Morellato, 32, who went unnamed in reports about the 2017 texting scandal that forced former Maj. Joseph Harrington into retirement as a brigadier general, is revisiting the incident in her recently published memoir, “A Talent for Trouble.” Morellato doesn’t name Harrington in her book, which she describes as “a romance inspired by a real story,” but his photo was displayed during a slideshow and talk at a recent book launch here that drew about 150 people. “My mistake was being too casual and responding in kind to an individual I didn’t know. “I suggested that she consider going back to church and focus on supporting her husband and his career.” At issue among Harrington’s messages were those that recommended married make-up sex, called Morellato a “hottie,” suggested that she could be his nurse but that he might enjoy it too much, and stated he’d like to be in a tent with her.When she asked why, he suggested she was making more than was warranted out of their exchanges. Since then, military officials have retaliated against her, she said.Stung, Morellato showed the messages to her husband, military sexual harassment and assault prevention personnel, and USA Today. She was banned from the base in early 2018 after she posted a photo showing part of the main gate exit road to a closed spouse’s Facebook page.

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