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Scott Reuben, a once renowned anesthesiologist, went to prison and was publicly deemed the medical Bernie Madoff after he faked at least 21 published research studies, some of which showed positive results of painkillers made by companies that funded his research.

Reuben was obviously a very bad apple not representative of the whole bunch, yet how he got away with publishing blatantly bogus research for at least 12 years questions the validity of others studies upon which today’s treatment is based.

The validation of qualitative tests differs from the quantitative tests principally since there are no numerical results but binary results, e.g., positive/negative result.

Immediately these tests are recognized in medical laboratories according to this designation.

The comparison of methods can be determined primarily when the comparator is the diagnostic accuracy criteria, or it can be determined secondarily when the comparator is other than the diagnostic accuracy criteria.

The primary design is a diagnostic accuracy model intended to measure “the extent of agreement between the information from the test under evaluation and the diagnostic accuracy criteria” (5.3 of [3]).

On a qualitative test view, the element is the binary result, and the class is the disease or nondisease group of subjects.

Validation is defined as the “confirmation, through the provision of objective evidence, that the requirements for a specific intended use or application have been fulfilled” (3.8.13 of [2]).

In contrast to the verification explanation, validation is directly related to the interested parties requirements, such as the accuracy of clinical decision required by the patients.

In a virology tests, however, several additional sources variation can affect the accuracy of the results, such as the types and sub-types of the agent, mutations [9], and the seronegative window period [10].

Sometimes to obtain a “complete” sampling requires the use of commercial panels.

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