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(Previously, village fire protection was provided through the City of Chicago.) The Lincolnwood Public Library, established in 1978, is located in the center of the village at Pratt and Lincoln Avenues.

Madeline Grant was the main driving force behind founding the library, and served as the first library president and later village president.

Succeeding him was John Porcelli, who served two terms.

Porcelli was followed by Frank Chulay, who also served two terms.

The most notable is “The Towers”, which is located in the area west of the Edens expressway.

According to the Village of Lincolnwood's website history section: Mayor Proesel ended his 46 years in office in 1977, a record mostly unmatched by any other mayor in American history.

The racial makeup of the village in 2010 was 69.3% White, 1.1% African American, 29.1% Asian, 1.23% from other races, and 0.2% identified as Other.

He was the first Asian American to serve any municipality in Illinois as its president.

Since 2005, Jerry Turry has served as the village president.

Before serving as mayor, President Turry served as village trustee from 1995 to 2005.

In April, 2017, Barry Bass was elected mayor, after serving as a trustee since 2015. In 2012 59.4% of voters voted for Barack Obama, while 41.1% of voters voted for Mitt Romney.

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