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Hickeys are bruises that result from an intense makeout session.Most often than not, these bruises stick out like sore thumbs on the body, making it difficult to hide or conceal them.Hickeys are temporary marks that appear on a person’s skin as a result of being sucked hard or bitten. A hickey occurs when the tiny blood vessels below the skin’s surface burst and leak in the surrounding tissues. The affected skin usually looks decolorized and may be tender to touch.

he has been playing Halestorm songs all day today in his car. Great Show The Danforth Music Hall - Toronto Beaso Blanco, awesome band.To save yourself the embarrassment, you are quite likely to surf the net looking for ways to hide or speed up the healing of a hickey. Keep reading to find easy and natural ways to speed up the healing process.While there is no instant fix for a hickey, the 9 remedies discussed below may help in clearing it up faster.I WILL be seeing them again at the Nebraska State Fair this fall! Through Fire really rocked it again, hoping they come back.Halestorm was as great as ever, they never disappoint! Hard rock juggernaut HALESTORM will return to Australian in December for a headline tour.

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Recently in Australia for the second annual Download Festival Australia, they will return with special guests Black Stone Cherry to bring the ruckus!

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