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It suggests a background, values, a lifestyle—history, history, history.

Antiretroviral drugs assured people that they could continue to look well, feel better about their bodies, and not have to prepare for death, but these drugs also meant that they had to make decisions about how to have a love life, how to cope with sexual interest from people who did not know that they were living with the disease.

But Kingstonians have a great deal more to worry about than tourists. This Jamaica stirs my sense of home when I land at the airport and find myself driven at breakneck pace along the narrow strip called the Palisadoes Road, along the coast, through Mountain View, past the National Stadium, and then deep into the upper reaches of Kingston. I feel at home watching the way people move on the street, the way women laugh, the way men gesture, the way drivers quarrel and dialogue with horns and hands and head signals.

I have returned to find out about HIV/AIDS in this Jamaica—the second Jamaica, my country, where about 1.5 percent of adults are living with the disease (nearly three times the rate in the US).

They think they are seeing the other Jamaica, but they are not.

The other Jamaica, where I am from, lies hidden on the far side of the island, on the south coast.

“What came out was that some of these individuals, when they were in Bell Glade, they were there for six months or longer, and when payday came, the female sex workers used to flock to them.” Figueroa understood that much of the literature from North America indicated that the disease affected only homosexuals, but he could see it was more widespread than that—and that it had the makings of a serious epidemic.

But most medical practitioners ignored his warnings.

” If you are HIV-positive, everyone knows that you had sex, and it must have been with someone you shouldn’t have had sex with or with someone who had sex with someone they shouldn’t have had sex with.I meet Peter Figueroa on the closed-in porch of his spacious home on the outer edges of Barbican in Kingston.He is a slight man with a burst of dark wavy hair and a tidy beard. Tourists see the north coast country—its all-inclusive hotels, sunny beaches, and high-end restaurants—and a few fleeting glimpses of what most believe is the worst privation they have ever witnessed.They see half-naked children, zinc-roofed homes, hustled trinkets, and they think .

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