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I didn't reply (was caught up and also busy, then I just forgot basically).Today, she texts me asking me out for this weekend, over to her house for dinner then going out for a bit after.Last weekend she went on vacation, so I haven't seen her for about 10 days or so now.Thing is, I just don't feel it anymore and I don't feel right just ghosting her.

At first, she seemed great, but slowly over the course of a month I became less attracted to her, while her interest in me has only gone upwards.And dont string her along any more than you have already...You said you just got out of a long term relationship and don't want to get into another.We hooked up on our second date, and have had sex a couple times since then.We have probably been out 5 times total (couple times out and about, couple times just at my place).

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Good for you for dealing with it and not just ghosting. All you really need to say is "I don't see us going anywhere long term and I wish you the best finding a better match." She will be hurt and pissed but you can walk away with a clear conscience. Would asking her to talk about things via text, then talking over the phone be best? I would just pick up the phone, possibly after she initiates a text with you. but the sooner you address this, the better for all concerned. You don't see this heading for exclusivity and you still wish to date other women.

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