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In volume 6, Scott takes Wallace's advice (forcefully) and goes on a wilderness sabbatical up north while also visiting Kim.

He stays with Kim and while going out in the woods, Scott kisses Kim, admitting that everything with Ramona had been complicated and that Kim was the one constant in his life.

This comes after Kim rants on about men, then Knives says "I've kissed the lips that kissed you," referring to Scott (After Scott seeing them he said to himself "let us never speak of this again"). Finally, towards the end of the same book, Scott secretly refers towards the incident by suggesting that Kim keep the poster of two girls kissing as he moves in with Ramona.

Whether or not this was some kind of consolation for Kim is anyone's speculation. Kim is played by Alison Pill whose previous works include roles in Milk, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Dan in Real Life.

He later comes to her rescue again, though this time, Scott runs back to see Ramona.

At the end of volume 5, Kim decides to move back home to Northern Ontario and accepts Scott's apology for everything that's happened between them.

While Ramona shows interest in getting to know Kim during the first 4 books, the two really click in the fifth.

Kim admires Ramona and drunkenly tells Scott & Ramona "You guys...

I seriously love you." Kim and Knives Chau make out briefly while drunk at the start of Volume 4.

In the modern story, Kim expresses annoyance at Scott's many faults and generally tries to forget that she dated him, but she still feels some repressed affection for him and puts up with a lot of his crap.

She helps Scott score a job, is the drummer of their current band "Sex Bob-omb" and is recognized as important by Ken and Kyle Katayanagi, who kidnap her in order to lure Scott.

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