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I just took them as jokes.”Source: mwave....certain member S? Shipping is so much fun when it's tame, because you have something inside the fandom to joke around with and keep from the group.But when people start taking it seriously and making huge signs to show at concerts [Looking at you, Directioners], then it just becomes upsetting to everyone and it changes the relationship dynamic with the members.When I get older and we meet again, tell me I did well!Jonghyun hyung, you were the best artist, friend, hyung, and colleague to me. ’ Key has been singing for nine years and has acted on four movies, four TV series, eight variety shows and eight times in the theatre.Having long work life, he has earned good name, fame and increased his net value.As of 2017, Key’s annual gross income is 0 thousand.As both are a social butterfly, adding each other’s pictures on Instagram, they might be dating.Key hasn’t admitted/announced his love life, and SME denied the news.

July 3’s broadcast of MBC’s Star Gazing featured SHINee’s Key, Lim Ho and Song Eun Yi as the panel and Fly to the Sky, trot singer Park Hyun Bin and Jung Joon Young as guests.In fact, he ranks top in SHINee band for his salary and net worth.With a luxurious bungalow worth 2 billion won (1.8 million in dollars), Key’s net worth is million as of 2017.Key, one of the hard-working singer of SHINee, seems to be in a dating relationship.The insider mentioned Key to be in love relationship with KARA group’s ex-member Nicole.

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I’ve heard rumors saying that I’m dating certain members of SHINee or Infinite’s Woo Hyun.

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