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Nectins bind afadin, whereas Necl-2 did not bind afadin but bound Pals2, a membrane-associated guanylate kinase family member known to bind Lin-7, implicated in the proper localization of the Let-23 protein in , the homologue of mammalian epidermal growth factor receptor.

These results indicate the unique localization of Necl-2 and its possible involvement in localization of a transmembrane protein(s) through Pals2.

-independent immunoglobulin-like cell-cell adhesion molecules that play roles in organization of a variety of cell-cell junctions in cooperation with or independently of cadherins. Five nectin-like molecules, which have domain structures similar to those of nectins, have been identified, and we characterized here nectin-like molecule-2 (Necl-2)/IGSF4/RA175/Sg IGSF/TSLC1/Syn CAM1.

Necl-2 showed Ca-independent heterophilic cell-cell adhesion activity with Necl-1/TSLL1/Syn CAM3 and nectin-3.

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At TJs, claudins are key cell-cell adhesion molecules that form TJ strands (1).

At AJs, E-cadherin is a key Ca-dependent cell-cell adhesion molecules (4).

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