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After Isner finished off Granollers in straight sets, Gimelstob’s broadcasting duties began.

He made his way from Hisense Arena, where Isner had played, to Tennis Channel’s booth at Rod Laver Arena for Andy Murray’s second-round match against Sam Groth of Australia.

John started relatively late as a pro tennis player because he finished his college degree first.

He takes immense pride in having finished each of the past six seasons in the top 20.“If I didn’t pick up a racket again for the rest of my life, I’d be proud of what I’ve done,” Isner said.

“That’s all I knew.”He should have gleaned from Isner’s only mobile device, a Blackberry, that he does not need to have reams of data at his fingertips.“I had to learn how to best help him,” Gimelstob said, “which is to give him the most important parts of what he needs to know and then give him more space.”In the 15 months they have been working together, Isner has become more comfortable moving forward.

His comfort zone is expanding, and not just on the court.

“Some players might have a problem,” Steve Johnson, an American seeded 31st here, said, adding: “I think it’s a little different that he’s also coaching a player that we’re playing against.

In my mind, he’s doing more good on the council for us than he is doing harm — not harm, but trying his best to beat me as a competitor.”Gimelstob’s juggling act guarantees his daily calendar has appointments stacked like planes on final approach into La Guardia Airport.“He’s got a lot going on, but that’s Justin,” Isner, the No. “He has to have a lot going on to keep himself sane.”Wearing pressed suit pants, a dress shirt and oxford shoes, Gimelstob stood on the court Thursday morning and alternately returned ATP-related email correspondence and delivered instructions to Isner.

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That is another way they are different, said Gimelstob, whose long days are a testament to his tireless quest for growth and self-improvement.

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